Annual Conferences

Annual Conference "Privacy and Surveillance in a Digital Era:Challenges for Transatlantic Cooperation and European Criminal Law"

The Annual Conference of the European Criminal Law Academic Network (ECLAN) will be on 'Privacy and Surveillance in a Digital Era: Challenges for Transatlantic Cooperation and European Criminal Law' and will take place at the School of Law of Queen Mary, University of London on 17-18 May 2018.

The chosen theme revolves around state surveillance activities and transatlantic relations between the EU and the US regarding legal assistance and transfer of personal data. In that respect, two keynote speeches are foreseen -one for each of the two jurisdictions- along with four panel discussions, which will touch upon the following topics: Session 1: Collection and Exchange of Digital Evidence: Possible Models and Challenges for Human Rights and the Rule of Law; Session 2: Telecommunications Data: From Digital Rights Ireland to Watson and Beyond; Session 3: Surveillance of Mobility as Preventive Justice and; Session 4: Countering Transborder Crime through Mutual Legal Assistance. Mr Mark Rotenberg from Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC) will deliver the keynote speech on the Microsoft case currently pending in the US.

Please note, Registration for this conference closes on 15 May 2018.