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Valentina COVOLO

A legal framework for OLAF’s investigations. Lessons for the construction of the European penal area

This analysis will study investigative procedures, individual rights and control of OLAF investigations searching for coherence in the European criminal law.
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Maxime Lassalle

Access to bank data in criminal investigations

There is a clear opposition between the clear regulation of procedures of cooperation in criminal matters as far as bank data are concerned, and the national procedures of access to the same...
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Inés Armada

Admissibility of cross-border evidence

This thesis addresses the issue of cross-border evidence from the point of view of its admissibility before national courts. Differences between Member States' legal regimes governing...
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Dominikos Arvanitis

Cooperation in criminal matters in the European Union and Human Rights: the example of the European Investigation Order

The European Investigation Order (EIO) was established by Directive 2014/41/EU, and should be transposed into Member States’ national legislations by 22 May 2017 (with the exception of Denmark and...
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Michaël Fernandez-Bertier

Critical and Comparative Analysis of the Emergence of Criminal Policies Focused on Property. Targeting Assets to Circumvent Evidence-Gathering Difficulties?

For the past forty years, new criminal policies focused on property have emerged and considerably expanded on a global scale. The will of political and legislative bodies that 'crime does not pay'...
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Auke Willems

Demystifying the trust problem in EU criminal law: enhancing mutual trust by harmonising criminal procedural rights?

Auke's research project deals with the issue of mutual trust in EU criminal law. It is particularly examining the exact role and function of a concept of trust in criminal justice cooperation...
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Bart Keupink

Duties of care and the actus reus in substantive criminal law

In the past couple of decades, an extending development seems to take place in Dutch criminal law. Within this expansion, all sorts of duties of care are on the rise. Duty of care provisions – in...
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