Call for Proposals Young Fide Seminar

Date: 31-05-2023

Location: Sofia (Bulgaria)

Languages: English

Organiser: Fédération internationale pour le droit européen (FIDE)

Partnership: Centre européen interuniversitaire (University of Loraine, Nancy, France)


Type: Seminar

On the first day of the XXVV FIDE Congress, The University of Sofia in tight cooperation with Centre européen universitaire (University of Lorraine, Nancy, France) will host the Young FIDE Seminar in Sofia. Young scholars, PHD students and young practitioners are invited to submit original papers dealing with one of the three main topics of the FIDE Congress:

I. Mutual trust, mutual recognition and rule of law;
II. The new geopolitical dimension of the EU Competition and trade policies;

III. The European Social Law.

The selected papers will be presented and discussed before of a panel of experts and young reporters.

Abastracts should be submitted by e-mail before 15 december 2022 at