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PhD Studentship on Personal Data Privacy Protection at Queen Mary University of London

Research Topic

Under the supervision of Professor Richard Ashcroft, and Prof. Valsamis Mitsilegas, the successful candidate will work within the overall research area mentioned below

The research is in the general area of Personal Data Privacy Protection. In this studentship the student will develop a detailed analysis and evaluation of the capacity of existing domestic, European and international law to regulate personal data analytics; the relationships between law and code in implementing core values around privacy in the technologies of the internet of things; and the flexibility of law and code in respecting changing public attitudes to privacy and other values including security, functionality, and enjoyment.

This studentship is linked to a PhD studentship under Dr Haddadi and Prof. Healey on “Developing Privacy-Preserving Personal Data Analytics and Interaction using the Human Data Interaction Framework”. It is envisaged that the two studentships will involve some joint interdisciplinary training.