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CALL FOR PAPERS: “Criminal Procedure Systems and Judicial Impartiality”

The editorial board of the Brazilian Journal of Criminal Procedure announces this public call for authors to the thematic dossier “Criminal Procedure Systems and Judicial Impartiality”.

This dossier has the objective to contribute for the debate about criminal procedure systems, the role of the judge in evidence production and its relevance in relation with judicial impartiality and for the principle of equality of arms. The accusatorial system not only redefines the role of the actors on criminal procedure, but also delimits the judge actuation, which must be limited to the facts provided by the parties and remain linked with the terms of the accusation. By giving protagonism to the parties, it seeks to situate the judge in a more favorable position to provide an objective judgment about the presented case, without weakening his impartiality and also the image of that impartiality. Thus, there is still an open debate on what should be the scope of judge’s power in evidence production and if with the objective to reach the fairest sentence possible and suitable for the facts, can the judge abandon the passive-spectator position on the adversarial debate. Considering the wide doctrinal production on this subject this dossier intends to select articles that contribute with new theses and problematics, effectively analyzing if it is still pertinent or not the study of the criminal procedure systems. In addition, it will be accepted papers that examine the question of judicial impartiality and its various related issues.

o Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2018;
o Period of evaluation: April and May, 2018;
o Prediction for publication: June, 2018.

The work must be original, unpublished and compatible with the subject matter; have between 15 and 25 pages; must be written in Portuguese, English, Spanish or Italian; contain title, abstract and keywords in the language of the text and in English; and a list at the end of the text of the bibliography used. The submission of articles must be done in the online system of RBDPP. For more information please download the attached document.