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by Claes Lernestedt and Matt Matravers (eds) (English)

The Criminal Law’s Person

Encounters between criminal-law scholars and those working in ‘explanatory’ and ‘behavioural’ sciences have often been characterised by mutual distrust and defensiveness. To break this deadlock, a new framing of the issues is needed. This is not simply a matter of asking, for example, what follows for criminal responsibility from the latest scientific findings in neuroscience. Rather, what is needed is to re-examine the fundamental idea of the criminal law’s person so as to construct a more nuanced understanding of criminal law’s blameworthy individual. That is the goal of this volume which brings together an international group of academics from across the fields of law, philosophy, and ethics.

Journal/Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publication type: Collective book

Number of pages/Page range: 216

Language/s (content): English

Date of publication: 10-02-22

Personal data

Full name Claes Lernestedt

Current occupation Professor

University/Institution Stockholm University