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by Annika SUOMINEN (English)

The Past, Present and Future of Eurojust

The objective of this article is to shed some light on the current situation of co-operation in criminal matters in the EU, especially with regard to Eurojust. With the Lisbon Treaty, the area of freedom, security and justice is about to change. The co-operation in criminal matters will consequently also be subject to modifications. Due to the tension between effective crime control and preserving state sovereignty in co-operation in criminal matters, the establishment of a European prosecutor’s office has in the past encountered objections. The past of the establishment of Eurojust is analysed and the present functioning of the unit is examined. The possible establishment of a European public prosecutor’s office on the back of Eurojust is analysed in the light of the past developments and its future in co-operation in criminal matters is evaluated.

Journal/Publisher: Maastricht journal of European and comparative law, Vol. 15, 2/2008

Publication type: Article

Number of pages/Page range: 217-234

Language/s (content): English

Personal data

Full name Annika SUOMINEN

Current occupation Contact Point

University/Institution University of Bergen

Address Magnus Lagabøtes plass 1, POB 7806

Postal code 5020

Country Norway